Problems When Updating and Upgrading Libraries

Libraries have always dealt with patrons that prefer its environs rather than its books.  With today’s technological upgrades and attempts to make the library more appealing to the public they have also made it more appealing to loiterers. The Chattanooga Library has installed high speed wireless internet recently. In the NPR report on this award winning library, librarians sing it’s praises but don’t mention the problems that the Chippiwa Falls Library encounter when they offer the same, loitering teens. The accessible high speed internet source provided by libraries invites those that enjoy their distraction the most, the young.  When those groups get together, their youthful enthusiasm can create distraction amongst the more traditional library patron. The desire to rid the library of those patrons wishing to use the library for games, erotic entertainment or  communication goes against more than half of the ALA’s Core Values.  How will librarians plan to resolve this?

Children’s Book Week should instead be Children’s Book YEAR!


With the title of this blog I reckon you can guess it’s content. My interest wasn’t always that way, books, yes; but babies, blogging and our inner “babedom”- no.  When I was young and exuberant I wanted to blog about the delicious world of children’s books – on loving them, reading them, collecting them and creating them. THEN, I had babies and, oh how I loved them. So my dreams were relegated  to the “Before Folder”; dreams we had before babies… you know those dreams. So of course, my blog-dreams were deferred.  I continued on with my paying job of books and unpaid one of babies.  And then before I knew it, my babies became kids and I no longer read “Goodnight Moon” every night, now my kids want to read their own books before I tuck them in. So now I have a minute to blog about those four B’s and foremost in my mind today is the wrapping up of Children’s Book Week. But I want to continue the celebration of children and books all year, right here!

Let’s talk about it:


                               Which do you prefer?    What do you think this says?

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